A boardgame company focused on fun and strategy in fantasy world settings.

DIE in the Dungeon! is the latest boardgame creation by FunDaMental Games.


It is a Solo dungeon crawl where you are the epic monster, scouring the dungeon to destroy the heroes who are trying to reclaim the the Undercity.


The game features all six classic RPG dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20) in a creative, player controlled way. It is designed to setup in 5 minutes, and play a full game in 30 minutes. There will be plenty of player decisions that occur, but like any dice game, some elements of chance to keep every game interesting!



Kzmatic's Keep is a single 5E DnD adventure set in a new fantasy world called Novus. Characters from any campaign setting can enjoy it, however, with a the story hook that brings the adventurers into a magical keep controlled by a powerful lich.

  • A 40 page illustrated Adventure, complete with DM notes, room and encounter descriptions, suggested narrative for NPCs, and Creature statistics.

  • Overhead map of the Keep, and each of the chambers within.

  • Printable Handouts for players, used to solve puzzles.

  • Poker sized Magical Item cards that can be handed to the players



A single Deck-O-Dice is a set of 24 cards with each type of standard polyhedral dice represented on the cards. Instead of rolling dice, this deck allows you to choose any of these dice, and draw a card to determine the outcome of the "roll." Each die result has a fair distribution, with the lower die types being represented multiple times in the deck.

The cards have been designed, tested, and enjoyed in a very short time frame. They offer a very visual alternative to standard dice rolling that may be valued by RPG fans or other tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

The deck also comes with a copy of a 12 card mini-game called DieMinions!

 The DieMinions are a set of support creatures that will be used as tokens in an upcoming boardgame from FunDaMental Games called DIE in the Dungeon!

... but before they can do that, they need some training! This game is about the DieMinions sparring with one another to develop their combat skills before heading into the Dungeon of that next game.

This mini-game consists of 12 cards (two of each type of DieMinion), and must pair up with a Deck-O-Dice in order to play.


Go to the Novus website


Become a legendary hero in a new, epic fantasy world in this tabletop adventure boardgame that is unlike other current fantasy games!  1-5 Players, 60-90 Minutes, Ages 13+. 

  •  Epic Experience! A low level adventurer transforms into a powerful hero on your quest to become a Legend, all within a 60-90 minute timeframe. 

  •  A Different Game, Every Game! The free roam game board, variable equipment, and multiple advance class options create a different adventure every time. 

  •  Multiple Playstyles! Player vs Player, Team Play (2v2), and Solo Play are all included!          Co-Op rules being tested.  

  •  Strong Visual Characters! Character boards, images, classes, rewards, and skills.  Pen and Paper NOT required! Cards and Tracker Tokens represent your Hero.  

  •  Stunning fantasy art by new, young Italian artists Andrea Butera and Boris Turano.  Their vibrant colors and unique styles bring the world of Novus to life!



        Duel of the Dragons puts you in control of a powerful Dragon in an epic battle with another Dragon.  It is a 1 or 2 player game, players have different Dragons but share a deck to battle each other with.  Have a look at the old Kickstarter campaign page for more details, or click the card above the image to visit DriveThru cards to order yours!



This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2021, with plans to manufacture in the summer and deliver in the fall of 2021.