We create fun, strategic, and beautifully illustrated card and boardgames in immersive fantasy settings.


Duel of the Dragons

A 2 player dueling card game feature dragon combat.

Solo variant included.



A 2-6 player trick taking game feature a fully functional Tarot deck in a high fantasy setting.

Solo Game included.


Die in the Dungeon

A one player game where you are the dungeon monster. Packed with 3 full sets of polyhedral dice.


Legends of Novus

A 2-5 player character development, sandbox style boardgame with hundreds of beautifully illustrated cards.



A deck of 24 cards that mimic dice rolling for standard polyhedral dice. A minigame, called DieMinions, is also included.


Die in the Dungeon STLs

STL files for the 5 main characters featured in Die in the Dungeon. (Deyeroller, Troll, Diemon, Dierake, and Undied Knight)

All of the games above are available now!

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