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We create fun, strategic, and beautifully illustrated card and boardgames in immersive fantasy settings.


Duel of the Dragons

A 2 player dueling card game feature dragon combat.

Solo variant included.



A 2-6 player trick taking game feature a fully functional Tarot deck in a high fantasy setting.

Solo Game included.

All of the games above are available now!

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A trick taking game featuring a fully functional 78 card Tarot deck, with 2 additional fantasy god cards.

Also included are rules for a special Solo game called Ero's Quest, using the entire deck in a unique character building strategy.

1-6 Players

45 to 60 Minutes

$25 USD

Build up your hero from simple to heroic in this single session game featuring levelling up, class changes, and card-based equipment slots. A "sandbox" style world map allows players to explore the game in any location!

1-4 Players

60 to 90 Minutes

$50 USD

This one player game lets you take on the role of an iconic monster, defending a dungeon from pillaging heroes. Your stats are created from polyhedral dice, as is all of the thematic artwork featured in the game.

1 Players

45 to 60 Minutes

$45 USD

A two player card game pitting dragon against dragon. Bite, claw, and breath magical weapons against your enemy in a duel to the death. A unique card layering mechanic allows you to strategize your victory.

Solo rules included.

1-2 Players

30-45 Minutes

$10 USD

A deck of 24 cards featuring different dice results on each card. This allows you to shuffle and use the deck as a dice rolling mechanic in any game featuring dice rolling. Also included is a 12 card minigame called DieMinions, featuring cute dice based characters training to be part of "Die in the Dungeon"

1-2 Players

10 to 15 Minutes

$8 USD

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