Become a legendary hero in a new, epic fantasy world in this tabletop adventure boardgame that is unlike other current fantasy games!  1-5 Players, 60-90 Minutes, Ages 13+. 

  •  Epic Experience! A low level adventurer transforms into a powerful hero on your quest to become a Legend, all within a 60-90 minute timeframe. 

  •  A Different Game, Every Game! The free roam game board, variable equipment, and multiple advance class options create a different adventure every time. 

  •  Multiple Playstyles! Player vs Player, Team Play (2v2), and Solo Play are all included!          Co-Op rules being tested.  

  •  Strong Visual Characters! Character boards, images, classes, rewards, and skills.  Pen and Paper NOT required! Cards and Tracker Tokens represent your Hero.  

  •  Stunning fantasy art by new, young Italian artists Andrea Butera and Boris Turano.  Their vibrant colors and unique styles bring the world of Novus to life!

Legends of Novus Boardgame

  • Kickstarter version.