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Game Art


     One of the most important aspects of a Fantasy game is the visual representation of the world, the items, and the creatures and classes that you will experience.  This means that the Art for a Fantasy game should be visually stunning, something you will WANT to look at again and again.

     For Legends of Novus, lead artist Andrea Butera provides just that kind of art.  See below for some great examples!

     For Duel of the Dragons five of the core Dragon art pieces were done by Nicula Mircea, while Andrea's Red Dragon was included, and he also provided the Copper Dragon art specifically for the game.

     In the upcoming DIE in the Dungeon!, artist Tristam Rossin took the humorous dice-based theme I had presented to him to a wonderful level. The creatures, the heroes, and the dungeon tiles all show a very distinct look that keeps the game light hearted, despite the math, statistics, and strategy built into it.


Osira, the Sea Hydra, by Andrea Butera
Monsigneus, the Volcanic Dragon, by Andrea Butera
Orc Warrior, by Andrea Butera
Multi Class Training, by Andrea Butera
Demonic Temple of Sykk, by Boris Turano
Beric the Druid, by Andrea Butera
Goblin, by Andrea Butera
Ridges of Kadaar, by Boris Turano
Assassin, by Nicula Mircea
Feral Wolf, by Nicula Mircea
Silver Dragon, by Nicula Mircea
Copper Dragon, by Andrea Butera
Blue Dragon, by Nicula Mircea
Troll O' Bones, by Tristam Rossin
Fighter Hero, by Tristam Rossin
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